Catering, consulting and courses for professionals and express bartenders

80-20 ml is the union bond of two exact sciences, the perfect fusion of textures and flavours; the mixology between the most elaborate drinks and the highest level of pastry.

80-20 ml offers high level bartendering experience in different areas like new product promotion, cocktail developing, fairs…

Furthermore, we provide assistance to new venues and culinary schools as well as development of new personalised cocktail lists…

And last but not least, courses in which we pass on our knowledge and passion and we create liquid and solid emotions through the experience.

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Assistance and information aimed at venues and distilled spirit brands


Creation of cocktail lists and bar management assistance


Ongoing training: Practices and ways of working in and out the bar


Creativity applied to high cocktail bartending and high cuisine


Assistance for Gastro-cocktail experience events


Specific training aimed at professionals and/or express courses for amateurs


We offer services of experiential high bartending in the following areas

  • Promotion of new products for companies
  • Cocktail developing for brands.
  • Professional trade fairs
  • Weddings
  • Themed parties
  • Catamarans
  • Fashion shows
  • Premieres, exclusive events
  • Art exhibitions
  • Private parties or festivals…

Business consulting:

We offer

  • Assistance to new venues openings
  • Collaboration with distilled spirit brands and the creation of new products
  • Training courses on Internal Management, Practices and ways of working in and out of the bar
  • Creation of new processes, products and personalized recipes according to each client´s needs
  • Personal advising to new culinary schools about new trends
  • A new creative module for hospitality staff working with new creative tools to improve bar functionality.
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Courses for Professionals

Hospitality is a very competitive sector. A person working professionally within this industry should obtain an in-depth knowledge throughout their lifetime, whilst constantly adjusting and adapting in order to meet the demands of the business.

Initiation workshop

This workshop is aimed at those enthusiasts and all curious about the world of the mixology and the secret of blending.

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