The most cutting-edge techniques in pastry applied to the emotional bartending

Our aim is to stimulate and thrill through our recipes and we try to get the most precise patisserie and sophisticated cocktails.

All our courses are taught by Matías Sarli (Professional bartender, specialised in creativity) and Mario Ubieto (Professional pastry chef specialised in textures and creativity)

Find us here: COOCCIÓ. Carrer de Morales, 27. 08029 Barcelona

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Carrer de Morales, 27,
08029 Barcelona

Teléfono: +34 634 62 74 66

Courses for Professionals

Hospitality is a very competitive sector. A person working professionally within this industry should obtain an in-depth knowledge throughout their lifetime, whilst constantly adjusting and adapting in order to meet the demands of the business. This knowledge will be gained through the achievement of new competences, new visions and new skills.

A tailored proposal that will cover all the needs of professionals working in the Horeca sector.

A commitment to develop new areas of knowledge, in a strict, accurate, and practical sense in order to make you grow professionally.
Master the most cutting-edge techniques in pastry applied to the emotional bartending.

Begins on 7th November and the timetable will be sent the students

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Initiation workshop

This workshop is aimed at those enthusiasts and all curious about the world of the mixology and the secret of blending.

What do you know about the secrets of the mixology? We will teach you how to elaborate the most innovative and easy cocktails. The duration of the workshop is two hours and you will learn the art of mixing, using the same tools and ingredients as a professional mixologist and learning all the history behind every single product and cocktail. If you are passionate about the world of the gin and tonic or any other cocktail, this is the best workshop to initiate you in a very professionaland entertaining way, aimed at amateurs or culinary arts lovers.

Through flavours and the explanations provided by our expert teachers, in the International Cocktails Workshop you will find out the true history of mythic cocktails… Yeah, those you love! And will provide you with all the PREMIUM products and all the necessary tools.

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