We are talking about a symbiosis of pastry through cutting-edge techniques applied to cocktail bartending.

With the focus on combining pastry and high cocktail bartending, we try to offer the most sophisticated cocktails and recipes.

80-20 is the union bond of two exact sciences, the perfect fusion of textures and flavours; the mixology between the most elaborated drinks and high level pastry.

For the first time, we have created a high cuisine concept: the result of the merging the most innovative high patisserie and cocktail recipes of the 21st century.

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We want for 80-20ml to become an experience, not a product. We fully believe in that.

A unique and special experience, which will last the test of time and stay in the memory of those lucky enough to experience it.

Let´s imagine a complete 360°experience, an interactive experience throughout the customers journey. Communication, Preparation, Service, Tasting.


  • Assistance and Information aimed at business premises and distilled spirits brands.
  • Creation of cocktail lists and bar management.
  • Ongoing training: Attention, Practices and ways of working in and out the bar.
  • Creativity applied to high cocktail bartending.
  • Gastro-Cocktail experience events(Private, Hotel events, Team building…)

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Assistance and information aimed at venues and distilled spirit brands


Creation of cocktail lists and bar management assistance


Ongoing training: Practices and ways of working in and out the bar


Creativity applied to high cocktail bartending and high cuisine


Assistance for Gastro-cocktail experience events


Specific training aimed at professionals and/or express courses for amateurs

The most cutting-edge techniques in pastry applied to the emotional bartending

Training courses aimed at professionals of culinary arts.
A tailored proposal that will cover any event full of auteur cocktails.

80-20 ml has taught courses internationally.
The next step for us here in 80-20 is evolving into a stable and self-sustaining project in our own venue, where audience and professionals will be able to enjoy together our edible cocktails.

Costumer journey:
Communication, preparation, services, tasting and conscience.

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