The future, according to 80-20 ml: interview with Matías Sarlí

By François Monti26.09.2018 | 7h00


SH: What do you want to achieve through 80-20 ml?

Matías Sarlí: We want the industry to know that we go beyond the cocktail concept and that we are looking for new solutions for the new consumers of the 21st century. For example, using liquid mass chromatography. This information gives us rigour and opens up new paths. We explore new worlds to understand our own. With this we are creating a new language.


And what is this language for?

The idea is to create through this language new experiences for the next consumers, the new millenials. Experience is worth more than the product itself. For this, we have a multidisciplinary team to give the consumer an experience of 360 º.


It is a long process, with many mistakes, I imagine.

Doing something new involves treading swampy terrain many times, but we take that risk by adding every experience, flavor, harmony, science, pragmatic creativity and soul. I can’t have the best creative system in the world without a smile behind every cocktail.


In Tales, three drinks were served. What can you tell us about them?

For Sazerac Etsú, we wanted to create the world’s first edible perfume. We put in volatile pomp (like a soap bubble) the first aroma in the form of ephemeral caramel.

The aim of See-through Piña Colada was to create the first translucent piña colada, removing the dairy but maintaining the original taste of roasted piña colada. We accompanied it with the technology (provided by plat institute) of a flying plate where the food pairing is placed accompanied by a transverse illumination that brings out the transparency of the liquid.

With Flavour´s architecture we wanted to create induced synaesthesia so that, for the first time, they could see the molecular structure of the taste of the cocktail. No one until today had had the sensation of being inside the flavor and seeing the chemical reactions that happen when a cocktail is created. Now we can not only smell and drink but see the heart of a cocktail created by 80-20 ml with the help of companies like plat, Futura Space and Eyesberg Studio.